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The perfect companion to dips, stews, salads and soups, and the ultimate sandwich bread. Baladee bread is an all natural sourdough bread made from our blend of all organic untreated flour and rare wheat flour. It is naturally rich in fibre, protein and thiamin (Vitamin B1).

- All organic flour.
- No preservatives, enhancers or improvers.
- Long fermentation process, organic untreated flour and the rare Khorasan flour produce a unique texture and nutty flavour.
- No fat added, just water, organic flour, natural yeast and our home nurtured sourdough starter.

Baladee bread traditionally forms a staple, versatile accompaniment to every Egyptian meal. Its versatility makes it perfect for sandwiches, cut into either halves or quarters and filled with your desired filling. Likewise, it is perfect for dips and exquisite with soups and stews.

The word Baladee in Egyptian Arabic is used to describe art, fashion and food as provincial, authentic or traditional. Baladee bread is the authentic, traditional Egyptian bread. It is the product of the continuous evolution of a series of breads that date back to Ancient Egypt. Through this evolution, Baladee bread embraced the characteristics of Egyptian culture and cuisine through time; from its round shape that resembles the Sun or the God Ra to the skilful craftsmanship and the fine ingredients offered by the fertile Nile valley.

The long fermentation of this bread on a rich bed of wheat bran as well as the use of an age old sourdough starter add another dimension to Baladee bread, producing a versatile stone-baked bread with a unique texture, chewiness and a deep nutty flavour.

At Baladee we are not only keen on sharing this popular Egyptian bread with our customers but also preserving the tradition, method and craft behind this bread. Although Egypt produces more than 200 million loaves of this bread everyday for internal consumption, unfortunately most bakeries have been mechanised and automated to cope with high demands resulting in the loss of the artisan nature and unique qualities of this timeless bread. At Baladee each loaf is lovingly hand crafted to achieve an authentic, delicious artisan product. We are proud to revive this artisan hand-baked slow-fermented timeless bread and let it tell the stories of the simple flavours of the Egyptian cuisine.

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